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We are IT
recruitment nerds
We do the prescreening and full time technical interview to assess candidates. You won’t waste your time with irrelevant applicants.
We love devs and
it’s mutual
Developers like us, so we have more than 500k candidates in our database worldwide.
We can find a black
cat in a dark room
We use more than 163 sources including technical ones to find the best IT Talents.
We cherish your time
That’s why it usually takes about 3 weeks to provide you the right fit.

You need our
services if:

  • You can’t find the right fit, because candidates’ tech background is not up to your standards
  • Too many job openings and not enough resources
  • You don’t have time or qualified IT Recruiter in your team
  • Too many interviews and too few placements
  • Rare stack and/or legacy
6 months
Up to 6 months warranty:
replacement or money refund
no prepayment required
Success fee 18-25% of
candidate’s annual salary

What’s the

Kick-off call
You describe the perfect
candidate’s profile
We find candidates using our talentbase and other local sources
Highlighting QIA
we find
  • qualified
  • interested
  • assured candidates
Technical screening
Our recruiters assure that candidates are skilled enough
We provide you candidate’s CV with covering letter and comments
We stay in touch to facilitate the adaptation of candidates
We control the first working days of the candidate
We help to make the best offer to the finalist
Interview with your team

We know how to find
IT experts quickly

Take a look at our cases

Ruby Developer
for the UK EdTech Platform

18% employee's annual income
Stack: Ruby, Go, RPC, PostgreSQL, Elsticsearch, MongoDB, Redis

ReactJS Developer for the Finland SaaS Platform

15% employee's annual income
Stack: JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Redux, React Native, RedShift (AWS), Jenkins

Python Developer for the US Crypto Startup

17% employee's annual income
Stack: Python 3.9, Fast API, RabbitMQ, Celery, Elasticsearch, GaphQL, Websockets

PHP Developer for the Switzeland Real Estate Company

15% employee's annual income
Stack: PHP 7.4, Symfony 5.2, MySQL, Twig, Docker, Doctrine

Java Architect for the Italian FinTech Company

18% employee's annual income
Stack: Java EE, Spring, MS SQL\ORACLE, Tomcat 7, HTML, JavaScript

Java Engineer for the LATAM Investing Company

17% employee's annual income
Stack: Java 8, Python 3.7, Spring Boot, Maven, Redis, Postgres, InfluxDB, Grafana

Senior Big Data Engineer for the Sweden Retail Company

16% employee's annual income
Stack: Java, Python; Bash; Hadoop (MapReduce, HDFS, Spark, Kafka, YARN) + ML; Kubernetes; Linux.

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Pavel Gordienko CEO
Maria Martynova Head of Recruitment
Valeria Strelchenko Head of Business Development
Anna Shangareeva TeamLead IT Recruiter
Yurii Shustrov IT-recruter
Lada Ogurtsova IT-recruter
Arina Savchenkova IT-recruter
Polina Skvortsova IT-recruter
Valeria Romanova IT-Recruiter
Maria Ryabinina IT-Recruiter
Maria Savchuk Business Development Representative

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